Invisible Fence® Repair in Lombard, IL

Hidden Fence  Impoted from S4 62014 263 Invisible Fence® Independent Support

Independent Invisible Fence® Repair & Support

Attention Invisible Fence® system owners! If you’re having problems or need some repair work on your Invisible Fence® containment system, look no further! Your local pet fencing experts at Dawg Fence are ready to help you!

Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence® or any other underground electronic pet fencing brand, Dawg Fence can provide you with experienced independent service if your Invisible Fence® system needs repair work. In fact, we provide independent service for all electric dog & cat containment systems. We offer all types of general maintenance such as wire break repairs, exposed wire repairs, fence transmitter troubleshooting, receiver troubleshooting, etc on all systems on the market. We guarantee all our work and repairs.


Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries & Receiver Collars



Invisible Fence® Powercap® CompatiblBattery-IFCOe Batteries

These batteries not only meet Invisible Fence® OEM standards – they EXCEED them! These batteries will work with the Invisible Fence® R21, R22, R51, and MicroLite receiver collars. Visit The Shop and order easily!
$9.95 ea.


Invisible Fence®® Compatible ReceiverInvisible Fence® Compatible Receivers

Our Invisible Fence® compatible receiver collar not only works with Invisible Fence® systems but comes with several additional features not included on Invisible Fence® OEM receivers. This receiver collar is designed to work with all Invisible Fence® brand transmitters, not including the series 800 transmitters. This receiver is an economical way to add another pet to your existing system or replace a lost collar. When ordering from the shop please specify 10khz or 7khz
$149.95 1yr warranty.

***The Ecolite Rechargeable receiver is compatible with the 800 series system***