Underground Pet Fencing Systems & Installation

Owner Chris and His Dog

When it comes to the well-being of your furry family member, why settle for anything but the best?

With our state-of-the-art technology, Dawg Fence offers a cruelty-free underground electronic pet fencing system you can feel confident about.

Our invisible dog fence systems are fully customizable. You can choose from a range of options, including wire-free systems and coverage of up to 5 acres. Dawg Fence is safe for both indoor and outdoor use and can easily keep your pet in or out of any area. Also, our fencing system is suitable for any size dog (and cats too!).

As pet lovers, we strive to provide the most advanced, user-friendly, and customizable electronic pet containment systems and products available on the market. We are also a proud licensed provider of Pet Stop® products! 

Dawg Fence is based out of Lombard, IL, and proudly serves the surrounding area!


High-Grade Pet Fencing Systems are Designed in the USA and Manufactured from Imported Components

Most electronic pet fencing companies manufacture overseas, which often results in lower quality and less reliable products. Keeping your pet safe and secure is our #1 priority. That’s why Pet Stop® is the ONLY electric pet fence system company that does not outsource

All of our electronic dog fencing products are built and tested under one roof in Reading, PA! By keeping production here, we’ve ensured product quality and safety. Our products are made by fellow pet lovers who want to make sure that by buying a Pet Stop® fencing system, you’re getting the best product! All things considered, we’re confident that our top-grade, advanced products are the best choice for you and your pet!

Electronic Pet Fencing Systems


Dog Fence Receiver Collars




Our pet fence system links to your smartphone and monitors your pet’s behavior. If a setting needs to change, you’ll receive a notification. From there, you can easily send a signal to your dog’s collar. 

Link™ is an amazing breakthrough in pet fencing. With Link™ you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips, and support. Get real-time updates on if your collar needs to be charged or prompt you to make an adjustment to the over 1,000 available settings.

Link™  gives you a nite lite, remote training capabilities, and direct contact with the engineers for feedback and questions. You’ll get updates on how many times your pup tests the system ad has to be corrected. 

For over a decade, Pet Stop® has been the leader in technology, providing more custom settings to individualize their products more than any other manufacturer in the industry. That’s just a fact. 





The EcoLite HO Rechargeable Receiver Collar

The EcoLite HO Rechargeable receiver is Pet Stop®’s latest creation. With its built-in rechargeable battery, the EcoLite HO eliminates the need for wasteful batteries and annual battery costs. If you’re thinking of going green, the EcoLite HO is the perfect pet fencing receiver collar for you! Also, with the diagnostic charging cradle, you know of any issues with the receiver even before your pet does! Any feature you may admire on another system can all be found right here in the Ecolite HO.

Comes with the industry’s best UltraCare Lifetime Warranty.


The UltraTuff Receiver Collar

Built “tuff” to take whatever your pet can dish out. The UltraTuff comes with a casing that’s twice as thick as lesser receiver collars. Designed to be chew-resistant, dirt-resistant, and even waterproof, the UltraTuff is perfect for the family dog that plays hard. Like all of our products, this receiver collar comes loaded with patented features. And among them our FlashAlert feature and Comfort Contacts.

Comes with the industry’s best UltraCare Lifetime Warranty.


The PCC-200 System Receiver

This product is perfect for pet owners on a budget. The PCC_200 receiver collar might not have as many features or customization options as our other receiver collars, but it still comes backed by Pet Stop’s quality guarantee. It is a safe, reliable way to keep your pet safely contained. Not to mention, it received the Best Buy award from Consumer Digest! If this product gets an award just imagine what the top-line products can do!

2 yr warranty




Electronic Pet Fencing Transmitters


The OT-300 Transmitter

Our most advanced outdoor transmitter, the OT-300 has improved built-in lightning protection, an upgraded user-friendly system, and Stabilitemp, designed to keep the fence signal steady and strong. Thus, it never matters what is the weather outside. OT-300 is designed to work flawlessly with our GentleSteps™ training method as well as other electronic fencing brands, like Invisible Fence®.

UltraCare Lifetime Warranty

PCC-200Consumers digest ribbon

The PCC-200 Transmitter

The PCC_200 is our most basic transmitter but it’s loaded with powerful features. All you need to keep the pup home and safe! The PCC-200 is compatible with other fencing brands and with our GentleSteps™ training method. It comes with a Consumers Digest Best Buy award! If you’re thinking about that retail system stop right now and purchase the PCC system. It offers far more than anything bought online or at your hardware store. 

2yr warranty

Other Electronic Pet Containment Solutions

Electronic Pet Containment


Indoor Pet Fencing System

Who says pet fencing can only be outdoors? With our Roomwizard™, you can make entire rooms off-limits to your pets, or target zones down to just a few square feet! In fact, whether you want to keep Fido away from the trash can or Fluffy away from the antique china cabinet, we have an indoor pet containment solution available.

2yr Warranty

Indoor Pet Fencing System

IT- Battery

Though still awaiting a make-over the battery-powered solution is ideal for areas where locating a power outlet is difficult or no outlets are present. The IT-Battery can be used outside in a waterproof enclosure to establish a boundary around gardens and flowerbeds.

2yr Warranty


Pet Fencing Product Accessories and Parts

Perimeter Technologies® Replacement Batteries

Perimeter Technologies® replacement batteries are designed for simple swap out and to last. Ranked the highest in durability and performance, these batteries not only outperform other battery brands but are also less expensive. A direct replacement for Pet Stop® batteries and can be shipped nationwide! With this, you will save money in the long run. Like all of our products, they are Manufactured in the USA from imported raw materials and come backed by Perimeter Technologies® quality guarantee. Two sizes are available … 6 & 7.5 volts


Invisible Fence® PowerCap® Compatible Batteries

These Perimeter Technologies® Invisible Fence® compatible batteries were designed to work with the Invisible Fence® R21, R22, R51, and Microlite receiver collars. Manufactured in the USA from imported raw materials and with the same quality standards as all Perimeter Technologies® products, these batteries not only meet Invisible Fence® OEM standards but exceed them. Available to ship nationwide!