About Dawg Fence

About Dawg Fence Hello, my name is Chris Ross and I’m the owner of Dawg Fence.

I grew up with dogs (literally). One of my earliest memories is sitting in a wheelbarrow (my mom’s creative and practical idea of a stroller) with Bow Wow, a puppy we picked up from the Meyers down the street. The year was 1965. I was four years old. Since that day, I have always shared my life with at least one canine companion… Sometimes four canine companions!

I currently have two wonderful dogs and I’m a lifelong fan of all things DOG! My childhood set a precedent. Dogs have always been and will forever remain a passion of mine. In my career, and even in my everyday life, I try to understand and respect their world to the best of my ability. My desired goal is to keep them safe and to help dog owners understand the “world of dogs.”

I opened Dawg Fence in 1999 with the goal of helping dog owners and their pets live happier, stress-free lives. And, I’ve enjoyed all the wonderful pet owners I met along the way. Many of our customers are truly inspiring people. From fellow veterans to Chicago Bears football heroes! What I’ve loved most of all is helping lovable dogs roam about their yards free and safe. What better job can a man have than Unleashing The Dogs? That’s right… I let the dogs out! 

About Dawg Fence and Pet Stop®

Dawg Fence is an expert in the pet containment field. We’ve been in business for over 20 years! Having a broad knowledge of the many systems currently on the market, I have always tried to offer the best options for our customers and their pets. I was looking for something that would not be as hard on the animals as the old-school electric fences. After evaluating and selecting the best possible options, I have made my choice. Among all the other options, Pet Stop® has the ultimate system. The flexibility, versatility, and safety of electronic fencing are truly amazing.

The Dawg Fence team at Pet Stop® has the experience to keep your pet in or out of just about any area of your property. Through the years, most Pet Stop® Dealers have been affiliated with a number of national fencing brands. After some exploration we ultimately found them lacking in some important qualities essential for our customers. Eventually, we found a like-minded manufacturing partner in Pet Stop®.

At Dawg Fence, we’re committed to using the latest technologies, top-quality products, and features that support gentle training techniques. Pet Stop® is the only pet store that shares my ideology. Together we provide best the possible service and quality to our valued customers.

Pet Stop® is the only company that provides products that are fully compatible with other fencing brands such as Invisible Fence®. Including batteries for the Invisible Fence® R21, R51, and MicroLite receivers. Give us a call and see the real difference! You’ve found the company you were looking for with a product no one can match!  What are you waiting for?