Customer Testimonials

“It Really, Really Works Great!”

To Potential Customers:

Sammy SM

About a year ago, we purchased the Pet Stop underground Dog Control Fence from Chris. We needed to cover about an acre and a half – a large yard area. Sammy, our Lhasa Apso, liked to run and be chased – he loved to be chased. The problem is … he doesn’t know the difference between chasing a squirrel and a speeding truck. So, we needed something that curbed his appetite for free range scampering.

When Chris installed it, I commented, “If the thing works, I’ll write you a reference letter for your potential customers.” (Naturally, if it sucks, I wouldn’t.)

Well, here we are a year later and I gotta tell you,

Sammy is now trained to respect his perimeter – even when his collar is off. He never strays and seldom gets anywhere even close to ‘the line.’ Instead, he’ll run to the 2nd slab of concrete and put the breaks on (the buzz begins at the 4th slab). He never visits neighbors yards, even though they present an opportunity for mixing with other pets and staking out larger territory. He no longer lusts for a new tree, mailbox post, hydrant, or other pee things.

Chris, your Pet Stop is the best thing around. Thanks,
John & Peggy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . & Sammy ( Yorkville, IL )

“Thank You For The Great Service”

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your quick installation of the Pet Stop System. Our dog Guinness is adapting well to his new found freedom. The kids are having a great time too, playing catch and chase with Guinness in the yard!

My husband and I are especially pleased with the type of technology that the Pet Stop System utilizes and the “comfort care” that the system provides to our dog. Both my husband and I have engineering degrees; a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Science and M.S. and B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, respectively, and we really appreciate how the technology works. We investigated other systems and believe that the Pet Stop System, which uses DM signal technology, is superior to those systems that use magnetic switching technology. In general, I am concerned that magnetic switches that are used in “non stationary” applications such as this could be reset inadvertently by magnets or magnetic fields being used for other applications.

Again, thank you for the great service!

Kathleen Hanley ( Carol Stream, IL )

“Riley is loving the yard!”

Hi Chris, Riley is loving the yard! Even with all the distractions he is doing great with his boundaries.

Caron W.


“I’m Convinced That We Went With The Right Company”

Hi – long time no talk! I’m just writing to tell you how pleased we are with our Pet Stop system….we haven’t had an escape by Chandler (our little dog) since I talked to you, about 5 months ago. I love it! He doesn’t even think about approaching the boarder.

I would like to start correcting Charlie, however. He has started wandering again…I think he has just forgotten that the sound signal should co notate something negative. The string lines have been down for months, & he did fine (with only 1-2 mistakes). But about a week ago he wandered off; then a neighbor saw him wandering at night a few nights ago. With Charlie, I’m not concerned that he would run away, but just that he would get lost or get hit by a car at night because he is so dark. Could you call me to walk me through the changes? Obviously, I think just a minimal correction will send him through the roof & I don’t want to push the wrong buttons…

I have to relate a funny incident. If you recall, shortly before we installed our system, a neighbor installed Invisible Fence and they had recommended their sales rep. to us. We subsequently went with Pet Stop, but a few weeks later, the neighbor related to me that their dog was getting shocked every time he went to close to the refrigerator or even too close to the side of the house where the wire was located. He was surprised to learn that we have not experienced anything of the sort with Pet Stop…I have to admit that I dismissed the possibility of this type of overcorrection when you told us about this during your sales presentation. But now I’m convinced that we went with the right company – for many reasons.


Lori Tschetter